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Compliance and CUSIP

Compliance and CUSIP Services

At Mostto Group Ltd, we observe strict adherence to the compliance regulations and framework in place to protect investors and companies. Our services are flexible and can be adapted to suit the requirements of each client.

Our regular compliance services include:

  • Shareholder register searches
  • Managing and registration of shareholders
  • Probate registration
  • Shareholder registry identification
  • Book closures
  • Compiling share, warrant bond and unitholder information
  • Proxy Solicitation

CUSIP® Applications

CUSIP® is the benchmark method of classifying financial instruments by institutions and exchanges to facilitate the clearance and settlement of trading market transactions for a vast number of individual financial instruments. If a company changes its name or capital structure, a new application to change the CUSIP number may also be needed at the same time.

Distinct CUSIP numbers are allocated to each class of stock within one company so that each can be explicitly identified.

Mostto can help companies in this transition period to change existing CUSIP numbers or with the application process for new ones to be allocated.

Contact us for further details about Compliance requirements or CUSIP applications.